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The first day:

be devoted to Russian folklore, the youth will get acquainted with the literary folklore (anecdote, fable, ballad (ballad song ballad verse), epic, legend, bilicki, byvalina, children's folklore, tiresome tale, spiritual poems, song is a perfect match song, mystery, legend, fable, adage, proverb, story, tale, skomoroshina, tongue twisters)); folk music (calendar-ritual songs (Christmas carols, podblyudnye songs, the Trinity-semitsky, Midsummer, and so song is a perfect match d.), labor plays, choruses and songs, ritual folklore (calendar-agricultural and family-household), epic genres (epics, historical songs), round dances and dances with songs, lyrical songs of the peasant tradition, urban lyrical songs, instrumental music)). And at the end of the day, young people will take part in the Russian folk "Evening" - an evening of dancing, games, dating, round dance songs.

The second day:

participants of the camp will get acquainted with Russian folk crafts-painting and its types: "Gzhel", "Tagil tray", "Zhostovo", "Khokhloma", "Gorodetsky painting", "Mezen wood painting", "Scan", "Kasli casting", "Palekh miniature", "Fedoskin miniature", each participant of the camp will try several painting techniques. Also, young people will get acquainted with the technique of making craft toys with matryoshka and Dymkovskaya toys, learn how to make them themselves.

The third day:

camp participants will get acquainted with clothes of the Russian people (tunics, shirts, shirt-blouses, kaftans, coats, Armani, hats: shawls (Orenburg downy shawl), kichka and ceremonial headdresses, caps, cap)) and with costumes from different areas of Russia (Belgorod national costume, Pskov etc). Each participant will create a national costume or one of the garments with his own hands.

The fourth day:

participants of the camp will go on an excursion and get acquainted with the history and modern culture of the Kaliningrad region, visit the city of Kaliningrad and its main attractions (Historical and Art Museum, Amber Museum, coinage, etc.), Fridlan Gate

The fifth day:

Excursion to the monastery with a visit to the bird Park, tour of Dublin, with a visit to the Museum and see a play at the theater of the city of Sovetsk

The sixth day:

Summing up the camp, heroic fun, closing

The seventh day:

Until 11.00 – departure of participants

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