Last steps

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In Sovetsk, one of the beneficiaries of the project "Joint cultural cooperation on the Polish-Russian border" of the Russia-Poland cross-border cooperation program 2014-2020 – the Kaliningrad regional youth organization "Center for Youth Initiatives", the project has entered the final stage – holding an international youth camp" In Russian Traditions" from August 8 to 14, 2021.


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Despite the fact that the camp has been postponed to 2021, we are preparing now

Such souvenirs will be presented to participants of the youth camp dedicated to Russian traditions, which will be held on August 8-14, 2021 in the city of Chernyakovsk, Kaliningrad region. We will definitely tell you more details later.



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Despite the postponement of mass events to 2021, all project partners are actively continuing their work. In the Cultural Center of the city of Elk (Polish Republic), work on the adaptation of the basement is being completed, after which we begin to buy furniture, photographic equipment and musical instruments. In Tilsit Theater, work continues to repair the roof.


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On January 30-31, the first coordination meeting of employees of the project "Joint Cultural Cooperation on the Polish-Russian Border"was held in Sovetsk. The meeting was attended by employees of the Cultural Center of the city of Elk (Polish Republic), the Tilsit Theater and the Center for Youth Initiatives.

The main issue of the meeting was the preparation of the next events: the tour of the Tilsit Theater to the city of Elk (Poland) and the holding of a youth camp in the Kaliningrad region.